Today is a great day. The way of love, love is wonderful also great in life. l love you for life you are my heart beet you are ever thing to me. my lover my friend my love for ever. I care for you your need is my command my inspiration my motivation my destiny because i love you are the ligth of my life i give all my heart to you.? you left me alone when i needed you the most in life ? why did you leave me alone when i needed you the most ? I don’t care for your need in life she say i am Yong with a lot of things on my mind and you was not one of these things on her mind . she say ! love was wonderful but not great. great is what ever you make it to be in life . I see her as the mother of my children my queen my empress and a goddess in my life. we as one together no mounted is too high or too low to go over. the stars is the limit. it your lover cannot see through your needs then that lover is on her or his way of learing the ways of love. one love NEW YEAR 2015


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