Who is God?what is God? where is God? As  children we all grow up one way. To  believe that with out God in your life You will not have eternal life, you would lose your soul. So you see right there is fear. This is where we become stagnant in our self. You see our parent’s came up in life the same way. They take there children to church on Sunday. As a child we never get the chance to see though  the real essence of what is God or who is God.We never  learn the true value of our self, instead we have fear deep within ourselves. Well I experience it all. The difference is while observing I found myself. When finding yourself it seems like you are bless more than any one. You feel special about yourself. This is What makes the difference when finding yourself you see the surroundings different. Appreciate life more than anyone, you will find value. Finding value you’ll find God. knowing that God is within, It will leave youImage with no fear. so right there you feel good about yourself. Knowing that you will find yourself. This is no ego is simple integrating the essence of life. This is Your heart. We are God man and Goddess. This is what the church and the government don’t want us to know in life . MORE COMING SOON just follow my site( https://newway1blog.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/paj-enterprises/) Thank you. visit the site. leave your comments.  I tell the story  to show that I’m quality. Only the best I produce for the environment.

About newway12013

About Natural Health Hi, I am from Kingston Jamaica live in U S A, my job title is Real estate Co Wholesaling Carpentry/Custom woodworking/Locksmith , and much more. This is what I love to do with passion. also I am a father of three children all girls witch i love so much, Over the years doing what I love to do I become pro in my work field which I would like to share with you. Also I love to browse the Internet. In the year 2007 I picked up the idea browsing the Internet. bay browsing the internet it's educate you learn About business. This is fun to learn about the internet marketing strategy, Now I would like to share my experience with the public, This is what make me feel good about myself, You see my gold is to show the world that producing value for the community and the society is the missing link, What i am offering to you is Opportunity in business Reviews: Insiders Coaching Mastermind marketing web hosting stay at home self job, and much much more. Just fallow my blog for all up date.
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